Bonaire is a Dutch Caribbean island just of the coast of Venezuela. Bonaire has protected its marine resources for more than 35 years. Commonly ranked as one of the Caribbean’s top dive destinations, abondance of marine life in this scuba diving paradise with more than 470 fish species found in Bonaire’s water. Great boat dives only complement your ability to access many dive sites right from shore. Underwater photography is a favourite activity due to Bonaire’s incredibly clear water and unspoiled ecosystem. Watch out – diving in Bonaire will get you addicted to the sport in a hurry.

Wannadive Bonaire

Our trusty dive partner Wannadive Bonaire:

Since opening our doors in 2009 we have partnered up with a great dive shop named Wannadive Divers Bonaire which has since become a perfect fit to our little resort.

Having their main office and dive boat within a 1 minute drive / 900 metres from Bamboo Bali makes it super convenient. They also have several locations to pick up fresh dive tanks.

Bart, the owner and his team have decades of experience diving around Bonaire & Klein Bonaire island. They are very relaxed and are able to give you the latest updates on where best to go and what you may see. Since it is a shop you can also rent or purchase the most recent gear.

If you are not yet certified to dive but really interested you can do a resort course for a day which starts off in the pool and then gets you into a shallow ocean dive with an instructor. Or you can join the many who have become PADI certified divers at one of the easiest places in the world to learn diving…Dushi Bonaire!!!

Dive Partner Facilities & Services

Wannadive facilities:

  • unlimited air/nitrox daily
  • boat dives
  • passenger / snorkeler
  • guided dives
  • guided night dives
  • check dive
  • resort course
  • additional resort course
  • referral
  • open water course
  • advanced course
  • nitrox course
  • EFR course
  • rescue course
  • dive master course


  • mask
  • fins
  • snorkel
  • regulator
  • BCD
  • scuba pack
  • wetsuit
  • scuba pack plus
  • computer
  • compass
  • dive light