Welcome Debbie to the Bamboo Bali Team…..!!!

Anno, Vera, Sebastian & Ruth are happy to announce we have a great new asset to our team.

We’re all kinda curious what brought her to Bonaire…. and so with no further ado……

“Thanks Anno, Vera & Sebastian for the small introduction!!

If you’ve ever had to describe yourself you know this to be hard… but here goes  🙂

I was born in Nijmegen, the oldest city in the Netherlands some 30 years ago.

We were 5 at home, mom/dad, my two younger brothers and myself. Growing up I loved riding horses and would spend hours taking care of them as well.

After High School I continued my studies and pursued a degree in Tourism and Recreation. In these 4 years I got to experience all sides of the branch and a passion for Tourism emerged. After successfully completing my study it was time to see some of the world.

I did lots of different jobs but always knew that working in Tourism would just be “my thing”.

When you’re passionate about something… you just know!!!

In 2011 I started working as a front office manager in one of the Hampshire Hotels residing in The Netherland.

The 5 years I worked there were great. Then this great opportunity came knocking at my door… I was asked to take over the Front Office managing job at one of the largest resorts on Bonaire.

I didn’t have to think twice…. I packed up my things and happily arrived at the beautiful Island of Bonaire around March last year. I had lots of ideas and was really motivated to share them with the rest of the team. 10 months into my job I noticed that I was not best suited for a hotel this large which preferred old methods.

My friend told me that this little resort Bamboo Bali was looking for someone with front office skills. I got interested 😉  It looked beautiful. And I believed it to be a perfect fit when I heard they were looking for someone with a young and fresh look at things and new ideas to work out.

I get to have a lot of contact with guests which is a great bonus and I am very excited to start this new experience.

Thank you Anno, Vera & Sebastian for this great opportunity.

And for future guests, looking forward to meeting you all……….!!! 

Debbie “

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